Addiction Treatment Centers 
1736 Alexandria Dr 225 Lexington,KY 40504 
Addiction Treatment Centers
1736 Alexandria Dr 225
LexingtonKY 40504
 (859) 470-8080
Addiction Treatment CentersCounseling | Medically Assisted Treatment | Suboxone(859) 470-8080
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Addiction Treatment Center Lexington, KY

Welcome to Addiction Treatment Centers

At our addiction recovery center in Lexington, KY, we help clients overcome the cycle of addiction so they can live easier, fuller lives. Through medical assistance and counseling services, our Suboxone clinic provides the support and care you need. Whether you need intense outpatient care, help dealing with opioid withdrawal, or thorough counseling, we're proud to assist you on your journey.

Addiction Treatment Clinic | Recovery Counseling | Heroin Treatment

Our goal is to fight the heroin epidemic in Kentucky through effective medical treatments and encouraging counseling services. We understand the severity of opioid addiction and the need for proper care to fight addiction. Our experience and expertise enable us to effectively assist others, and our personalized approach means we can deliver guidance that helps your long-term health. 

We want to know and understand your story. Our counselors want you or a loved one to know that you're not alone. Through comprehensive counseling services, recovery needs through a psychosocial assessment, and medically-assisted treatment (MAT), we provide solutions that work for you. 

Visit us today or call us at (859) 470-8080 to schedule an appointment with our team. 

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